BPA Free Canned Pet Foods

List of BPA Free Canned Pet Foods

Your Pet is Your Family! Of Course You Want to Know About BPA Free Canned Pet Foods, too!

I haven’t done any research on pet foods since our dog eat dry foods and occasionaly homemade foods and treats. I make organic treats for her every other months and keep them in the freezer. Yes, I know! She’s somewhat spoiled in the food department. But we want her to stay healthy. So I understand if you feed your dog or cat with canned foods, you must be concerned about their exposure to BPA!

I should have asked Trader Joe’s about pet foods when I emailed them. I think I should, shouldn’t I?

Meanwhile, I’ve found this website that lists a lot of canned cat foods’ BPA information. In fact, this is a forum so if you have questions, go ahead and join them!:
Pet Food Alert: Which Pet Foods Have BPA Free Cans?

And don’t hesitate to email the company about BPA information!

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