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I don’t remember when I started to be afraid of BPA. I’ve read so many articles about it for sure and watched many documentaries about water and all. “The Corporation” said something about it? Or “FLOW“? Or LA Times’ “Altered Oceans“?  But I know this The Disappearing Male made me go, “WHhwhhawhawWHAT?!”

Since then I have Googled “BPA Free Canned Food” so many times and see if there are any legit websites that offer correct information. I checked the canned foods’ companies websites, too. But most of them don’t say anything about it. The reason behind it is, I assume, that those companies and their suppiers follow the FDA’s safety regulations.  The FDA’s safety level for BPA is 600 parts per billions. All the cans out there have BPA well under that number.

So, what’s the concern, right?

They don’t have to sell products in BPA Free cans as long as FDA are saying they are safe.

However, many many consumers like us are getting smarter and do our own research thanks to free information online, documentaries, non-profits organization such as EWG, Food & Water Watch, Organic Consumer Associations, NRDC, etc.  and of course Facebook and Twitter and blogs!!!  We are well informed. Right?

But, are they all true?  I don’t know. It’s really hard to tell. There are scientists who do research on behalf of big corporations and some governments entities.  Some many be lying. You never know.

What I know is that there are a lot more people who are allergic to something, a lot more babies are born with some serious complications and problems, a lot more obesity, a lot more young cancer patients, a lot more breast cancer patients, and many many more. How about you? Have you noticed something different from it used to be?

I do not want to say BPA is the primary cause for those. But this can be one of the reasons. Even though the U.S., European and Japanese governments say BPA is safe to  use, a lot of other scientists are saying it’s not.  EU countries and Japan have already removed BPA from cans and bottles because of the health risks.

In addition, FDA, American Chemical Council and other countries scientists and doctors are saying it is safe IF you consume less than certain amount a day. But BPA is EVERYWHERE! In my opinion (make sure you know I’m not a scientist nor a chemist nor a chemical engineer),  I think we are exposed to a lot more BPA than THEY think we are. So if I can, I want to reduce the BPA exposure as much as I can.

So this website is more for me. I just need a place to organize the BPA Free Canned Food information. This is where it is. And I’m happy to share the info with you. If I want to be healthy, you and this planet have to be healthy, too. So, yes, I really want you to know the info I have gathered!

I’m very grateful that you are visiting my website. I really hope this helps.

Thank you  🙂